Our team at We Are Thai Massage in Houston, strives to provide top-notch massage therapy services to our customers. Because of our commitment to excellence, we have received a lot of positive feedback from satisfied clients. Browse through their testimonials to get an idea of how we can serve you.

"Iv'e been looking for a great massage in my area, and I'm glad to find Natcha at We are Thai Massage!....I will definitely become a regular customer!

                          "John" The Heights

"I have suffered from lower back pain for years, The staff really cared about my problem. and after just a few sessions, my pain was already starting to get a lot better!"

                           "David" Houston

"It's becoming harder to find a real, professional massage in Houston these days. I am so glad a friend of mine told me about this place. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the rooms are comfortable and relaxing. The owner, Natcha takes pride in making my pain go away.


                           "Steve" Houston

"My husband and I were looking for a great place for us to get a massage together. We ran across the website one night and decided to try it. It's a cool place, so quiet and relaxing. They have a private couples room near the back of the house...we felt so special being escorted to our own private suite!  We loved the experience and have already booked massages for both of us to come again!

                              "Kelly and Howard"


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" Natcha of We Are Thai Massage is amazing.  I have found my new massage therapy place!  Check it out.  You will not be disappointed.

Kristina M, Houston Texas

" This was our first Thai massage and both, my boyfriend and I, loved it. Cute renovated house right off of Washington made it the perfect location. We left buying a package to come back for 2 more couples massages! Highly recommend We Are Thai Massage!! 

Marissa C Houston Texas


This was my first Thai massage and it was so different!! I came in with sore legs /feet and tight hips, left feeling fantastic!! I will be going back for massage next month.

  Bobbiejean G Houston Texas

"I just moved in Rice Military and was looking for a good Thai massage place.  I am so glad I found this place.  It was the best Thai massage I have ever had.  I had 2 hours Thai massage yesterday and I felt more flexible when I hit golf balls today.  Also the pain in my shoulders and lower back were gone.  I am definitely going back!"

  Helen H Houston Texas

"Mrs. Nat was amazing. My fiancé and I live close by and decided to try this place out for a couples massage. We did a Thai combination. It was my first time ever getting a Thai massage and I have to say I absolutely loved it. The Thai combo with a Swedish massage was a pretty awesome combo the hot stones relax the muscles while the Thai massage stretches you. I do yoga all the time and it reminds me of yoga stretches except someone is doing the stretching for you and massaging all at once. I also was in car accident 2 years ago and broke my femur and had to get orthopedic surgery I told her about it and she paid extra attention to my leg and my hurt leg is always tighter because of it and after the massage it's the best it ever felt. I've gotten so many different massages to help my leg and I have to say this is the best one yet. Also the pricing is very reasonable and they are very professional. Thank you Mrs. Nat we will definitely be back."

" My body was so tired and I prefer the strong massage. Thai combination is a perfect choice! It combine Thai and Swedish massage which use hot stone.  
The private room is delicate with good smell and sound of wave. Mrs Nat is absolutely professional ! I got relax pretty good. While 60mins is little rush, 90mins maybe is better.

  • Zihan W.
     Houston, TX

  • "This place is amazing!! I asked for a deep tissue massage, Natcha was my masseuse and I loved her. She is strong and focused on my problem areas, stretched me, used hot stones,
  • Oil and I love there warm towels! I felt super tight when I walked in, when I left I felt super relaxed! Definitely coming back! "

  • Caroline H.
  • Sugar Land, TX

  • "Needed a last minute massage because of a tension migraine. She got me in right away. It is hard to find someone to give enough pressure to ease tension migraines, however the massage therapist did just that! She did include some stretching and light massage to make it a complete massage but did exactly as I asked and needed. Very comfortable table with large bedding and music was enjoyable. I will be coming back for routine massages as well. Cute little house with good ambiance. "

  • Crystal R.
  • Houston, TX

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    "This was my first Thai massage and loved it!! I came in with sore legs/feet and tight hips, left feeling fantastic!! I will be going back for massage next month."

    This place is by far the only place you will ever want to go for a massage! I have been using Natcha for several years and have followed her each time she has relocated. The best news is she now has her own location! She is extremely well trained, the best of the best. I highly recommend trying Thai massage you will not be disappointed. The Thai Deep Massage will leave you in pure bliss! I will never go anywhere else!